Security Locking Fuel Cap

Security Locking Fuel Cap

We have designed our STC/PMA lock fuel caps to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized persons opening the fuel ports to remove fuel or introduce foreign materials into the fueling ports.

Using Our Fuel Cap:

  • ‚ÄčComplies with Beech Mandatory Service Bulletin #2045
  • Decreases Size of Fueling Port and Possibility of introducing Jet A Fuel into the fueling port.

  • You should not be able to remove the key from the cap assembly unless you have properly seated, closed, and locked your fuel cap.

Model Series:

  • 35, A35 thru G35

  • H35 thru N35

  • P35 thru V35B

  • B95A, D95A

  • E95, 95 thru A55

  • B55, B55A, C55

  • C55A, D55

  • D55A, E55

  • E55A thru A56TC

  • 58, 95, B95

  • 60, A60, 76

  • 35-B33, C33

  • C33A, E33C

  • F33, F33A

  • F33C, G33

  • 36, A36, A36TC