Engine Modification

Engine Modification for Your Beech Bonanza

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to explore what incredible opportunities that Aviation Research Systems, Inc. has to offer for the different variations of the Beech Bonanza Aircraft.

E225-8 Engine Modification

STC/PMA modification for Beech models 35 thru G35 allows you to keep your existing TCM engine while:

  • Increasing your horsepower without the huge expense of installing an IO470 engine.
  • Shortening Take-Off Runs.

  • Increasing Rate of Climb.

  • Increasing Cruise Speed at Cruising Altitudes.

  • Dramatically Decreasing Cylinder Head Temperatures.

  • Decreasing Oil Temperature.

  • Minimizing Total Oil Burn.

  • Allows Use of 100LL Fuel.

  • Less Plug fouling occurs due to the higher compression ratio.

What an incredible time this is to increase the usefulness of your Beech Bonanza.

Engine Modification Highlights